S.A. Abraham can be contacted by email: 

(& via Twitter: @thekeysthatopen) to provide (Worldwide & in the Toronto GTA area):


1) Seminars (Free), Workshops & To Facilitate Discussion Forums on;

:Health & Wellbeing

:Faith/Spirituality & The Word of God

:Cultivation of Self-Knowledge & Self-Empowerment

:Helping Youth Re: Media, Peer Pressure, Social Issues

:Bridging the Generation Gap between the Youth & Parents/Older Generation 


2) ProofReading & Editing:

English Documents/Thesis/Books


3) Blogs & Articles:

Articles previously published by,,,, and etc


4) One-on-One Consulting Services:

: Personal Goals Development

: Accent-Reduction/Improving English Speaking Skills 

: Translations & Interpretations


5) Opportunities:

Please Email: (Twitter: @thekeysthatopen) for further details