A discussion group’s delight! Welcome – to a unique, well-researched, wide-ranging and motivational—and occasionally “controversial”—non-fiction book of essays and explorations of life, self-understanding, faith, family, society and self-cultivation/improvement.

Writer and published blogger S.A. Abraham, whose ongoing journaling led to her first book, presents an in-depth discussion about her mediations, realization, and her understanding of The Creator. She also reveals how a keen observance of human nature and zeal for research can help in dealing with the many issues and complexities of life.

Some of the complexities of life discussed and analyzed in this book are: Self-knowledge and discipline. Individual responsibility and responsibility toward others. Pride, procrastination and prejudice. Health and the wellbeing of mind, body, spirit.  Personal spirituality and faith.

The modern day relevance of the Scriptures and End-time prophesies. Spirituality-vs-Religion. Propaganda, illusions and the media. The need for good leaders. The need for good information.

The author’s love of books is evident, and she draws from many of them. Abraham believes that a large part of what has made her successful at achieving increasing levels of inner peace and empowerment can be attributed to, the many books she has read, the wise and kind people who have instructed and guided her, as well as her journaling, research and study over the last 8-10 years.

In particular, the study of the Holy Scriptures, her interest in human behaviour, health and wellbeing, Eastern philosophies, and current affairs; as well as her study of Law (LL.B), and advanced levels in Psychology, History, Mathematics and English Literature. Though no “professional,” she shares her methods and shows her way.

The Keys That Open…, also is thick with supporting Biblical Scriptures, and the message about developing and maintaining a personal relationship with one’s Creator is emphasized. But the book also explores the co-relation and the similarities between “different” belief systems, as well as the possibility of alternative philosophies as co-existing potential avenues of “seeing the light/enlightenment”.

With dozens of observations, questions, suggestions and affirmations, the sometimes-stern author S.A Abraham tries to help readers break negative patterns and open up; develop self-knowledge, assertion, caring and community spirit.

She invites readers to aim and aspire towards improvement; encourages the tendency to meditate, critically analyze, compare, understand and share—and work towards making our realities, our interactions and our world much better. In her book, that includes protection against “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and evil forces, (reflecting Biblical evils), surrounding us today.

The Keys That Open…, quotes from and references the many diverse books and writings that have inspired the author, presents possible solutions to real-life situations, and can give hope to readers. There are meaningful words from the likes of ancient military strategist Sun –Tzu, British philosopher James Allen, M.D. and researcher Dr. Max Gerson, renowned writer Maya Angelou and—of course!—Jesus Christ.

With its many Scriptures, sources, warnings, warm words, questions and significant sub-topics, author S.A Abraham’s book, The Keys That Open: Meditations on The Creator and the Way to Inner Peace and Empowerment, has great potential for discussion and debate.

The Keys That Open has great potential for discussion and debate for: Book clubs, discussion circles and community gatherings; those interested in Health and wellbeing; Watchers of world events and current affairs; Bible study groups and Church groups; Churches and faith organizations; Traditional and social media, Blogs and forums; Related websites and more.



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