Who should solve your health problems?

In The Keys That Open, S.A. Abraham quotes from The Poisons in Your Food that; “Health is not made in hospitals; a hospital is where one goes when health has broken down.” 

This made me think of a family…

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How to put our mistakes into perspective

If it is normal for people to make mistakes, why do we constantly penalize ourselves and others for them?

Whether it’s a bad relationship, poor judgment at work, financial errors such as racked up debt, or wearing that really tacky…

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7 Methods to Achieve Balance and Self-Control

None of us chose the situations we were born into. But if the particular circumstances of your upbringing, or the life you are living now makes you realise that you need more balance and control in your life, the good…

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Achieving A More Fruitful Life

The Gift of Free Will

Do you want a life that’s filled with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?

Because we have the gift of free will, ultimately, we decide the thoughts, words, choices, and actions that determine our lives…

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