The Healing Balance of Nature

By S.A. Abraham 

In our efforts towards a healthier lifestyle, cultivating the healing balance of nature, choosing a balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and avoiding or limiting our consumption of man-made chemicals, are highly recommended.

The task of avoiding or limiting our consumption of man-made chemicals can be very challenging, however, since many of our food sources and supplies have become contaminated with many different types of chemicals.

Some of the main issues and problems with most of the man-made chemicals and industrial waste that end up in our air, water and soil, are their toxic effect on the organic material of the human body, and the fact that they disrupt the balance of nature.

The biological balance of nature, and all living beings, is maintained by a system of interrelated checks and balances which exist in harmony. This healing balance of nature and harmony in the global eco-system sustains life as we know it on Planet Earth.

Seasons (the 4 seasons, rainy/dry seasons) replace each other and replenish the earth; different kinds of flowers, fruits, plants and crops grow and produce according to their times and seasons; different species of animals and insects prey on others; and various forms of life have natural predators.

When chemical poisons, toxic pollutants in air and water, and when other man-made methods such as forest-clearing and poaching (for animal parts, fur etc), kill, poison and eliminate large numbers of various species of animals, plants, trees and insects, the eco-system and the harmony and balance of nature becomes disrupted.

In their efforts “to boost production and to maximise their profits”, pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers, as well as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and food additives, are produced in very large quantities by Big Business including Agribusiness, large chemical companies, biotech companies and major Food Corporations.

And these artificial components, pesticides, herbicides, and similar chemical toxins, (with their continued use year after year, and decade after decade), accumulate in the soil, they build up in our atmosphere, and they leach into our lakes, rivers and seas, contaminating our water sources and poisoning the fish and other sea-life.

Pesticides and herbicides are also believed to be destroying large amounts of bees and other beneficial insects which are essential to sustain the balance of nature, human life and the environment.

Keep in mind that pesticides, herbicides and other chemical substances are absorbed into and/or remain on the surface of the fruits, vegetables and grains sold at market, (a lot of these chemicals are not removed, even after washing).

And because their feed contains these chemicals, they are absorbed into the meat and the fat of the animals and the animal products that end up on the dinner table.

In addition, growth hormones, antibiotics, and tranquilizers (before shipping to market), are widely used in agriculture today for dairy and beef cattle, pigs, chickens and lambs. They are used to increase their weight, to boost production, to treat and prevent disease, and also as a preservative.

It is, therefore, up to us as individuals, as families and as communities, to educate ourselves on the relevant issues, and to make as much as possible, well-informed and healthier choices in our buying and consumption habits.

Our health and our bodies, natural habitats and the environment (including our air, water and soil), as well as all the living creatures which exist within our Earth’s eco-system benefit greatly when we maintain and sustain the healing balance of Nature.


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