First Things First – The Stepping Stones to Our Potential

Stepping Stones to our PotentialIn the chapter First Things First – The Stepping Stones to Our Potential, Author S.A. Abraham tackles the subject of personal growth as a process in which new information has the capacity to help us change and grow.

For personal growth to happen, acquiring new information and knowledge as well as developing and changing our perceptions regularly is of key importance. In doing so, we can take on great adventures throughout our lives.

Unless we choose to be in denial or to ignore relevant information and knowledge, newly acquired knowledge is bound to have an effect on us. She writes that;

In waking up to newly acquired information, truth or reality, we are also changing from one way of thinking, awareness and understanding, to another. This shift in perception, and therefore the adjustment in actions and choices, is essentially what it means to grow and change as a human being.”

It all depends on you! You can choose to accept the power you have to change your situation. In the end, the reward comes from making the most of the opportunities available to you; and from the positive approach of accepting and embracing your own personal power.

And regarding knowledge itself, Abraham writes;

“Knowledge, I have found, likes to travel with a full entourage. Most subject matters are connected and interrelated to other fields of knowledge, and on many different levels”. 

This is true. Most subject matters are interwoven with many other topics and areas of interest. Whether they are associated with hobbies, fashion, technology, school or spirituality, new layers of information and knowledge can always be found which are somehow connected to other topics.

This inter-relation between different subject matters means that our knowledge and understanding can grow and be added to each day, relative to how aware and open we are to the process; and depending on how much time we dedicate to such learning.

On this topic of newly acquired information and knowledge, S.A. Abraham points out that any new information has to be evaluated for its beneficial qualities, especially when it comes to its effect on the younger generation.

Young people in particular, are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information from their peers, family and school; from advertising, movies, TV shows, music videos, video games etc. She writes;

One such topic that needs to be addressed, is how much the sensory overload from too much stimuli affects all of us, and the younger generation in particular….

To the extent that they believe these to be real, and desirable, they might then make choices in their everyday lives which can affect them greatly and even change the course of their lives in negative ways…

Curious experimentation which can turn into an addiction to hard drugs or alcohol; teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases;… dropping out of school [with little talent] to pursue stardom and fame…”

To avoid such negative consequences, picking responsible, optimistic and ambitious group of friends and role-models, as well as avoiding or limiting the shallow extravagances displayed by the media can better help the younger generation to reach their dreams.

Abraham also makes the point that peer-pressure isn’t limited to young people only and that adults also need to be aware of who and what they spend the majority of their time with.

She says that she has always been told; “Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are.” In other words, Birds of a feather flock together. And friends follow friends, so pick yours wisely.

More importantly, however, the author drives home the point that we should, first and foremost, learn to evaluate our own actions and behaviours. And when necessary we need to be willing to make some changes.

When we put our priorities in order, and when we take steps towards the goals that we always say we want, it allows us to better our lives and also to be of value to the lives of others.

The full chapter excerpt from First Things First and other chapters from author S.A. Abraham’s soon to be published book: The Keys That Open: Meditations on The Creator and the Way to Inner Peace and Empowerment can be found at



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