Looking In The Mirror? Roots & Fruits

By S.A. Abraham

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect states that for every action there is a re-action, every result has a cause, and every action has an outcome.

This means that all the things we say and do have consequences. These consequences and outcomes, in turn, affect, impact and change the circumstances, the emotions and the actions of the people around us.

Far from being just a philosophical concept, the universal law of cause and effect has actual application to the person we find looking in the mirror.

A simple example of this would be the uncomfortable working environment created by managers and supervisors who take out their frustrations and their own issues, on the staff working with and around them.

This resulting uncomfortable working environment and other negative consequences are therefore, (mainly) the result of that particular person’s decision to act in that specific manner.

In other words, another person in a management position who is more self-aware might decide to control themselves enough not to vent their personal frustrations in the workplace. 

The personal circumstances and the obstacles faced by people might be similar, but their re-actions and how they decide to handle these situations will be different and have a ripple affect on those around them.

Whether in the workplace, in school environments, among friends or within families, it can be very easy to recognise those people who create negative, mean and/or uncomfortable situations among the members of a group, or towards a targeted individual.

Their methods of operation (MO) are normally observed and expressed through their actions, such as mocking and eye rolling behind people’s backs, sharp tongues, mean comments disguised as “jokes” and continuous gossip.

In some cases, their mean actions escalate into deliberate attempts to try and isolate a specific person/persons from the larger group thru rumour spreading, by excluding from group activities, by planting seeds of negativity, and with continuous passive-aggressive ways of being.

[In other words, when such actions are carried out repeatedly, they become “bullying”.]

And so, in most day-to-day situations, the underlying beliefs, values, morals, personalities and the decisions of an individual, much like the roots of a tree, affect and influence the creation of (and the quality of) the fruit it produces.

Therefore, if you want to change the fruits you are getting in your life, (the results of your actions), you will first have to change the roots, (your way of thinking, your basic assumptions, your reasoning process, your feelings, your intentions).

In order to influence and change the visible results and outcomes you see in your life, you must first change “the invisible”, on the level of thought, perception, principles and belief.

Once you make the decision to grow and change, and as you work on the process of improvement, you might realise who (in your upbringing or adult relationships) you have copied your non-positive thought patterns and actions from and why. 

In this aspect, the universal law of cause and effect can be applied to every aspect of our lives.

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