Wanna Become An Author? What I Wish I Knew Before Publishing My 1st Book!

Do you ever wish you could become an author? Do you have those ideas or experiences you want to share with others? Are you a professional or an entrepreneur looking to build your brand, increase your visibility and credibility?
Do you want a step-by-step guide to publishing success? How does the idea of Publish A Book & Grow Rich sound? 
As the author of The Keys That Open, my 1st book, I remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when my book was finally published and released in 2014 (www.TheKeysThatOpen.com). Now, with my upcoming 2nd book in the works, and hopefully scheduled to be published Autumn/Winter 2017, I know exactly what to do for even more success this time around..
One thing is for sure, I wish someone had told me to attend a Publish A Book & Grow Rich Bootcamp before my 1st book was published.
This is because I learned more about marketing and the publishing industry in that 3-day event than I did in the last 2 years!
At the same time, if I had attended a Publish A Book & Grow Rich Bootcamp (offered by self-publishing company https://blackcardbooks.com  Founder: Gerry Robert- a recognized expert in the field of marketing, sales, branding and book publishing), before The Keys That Open was published, I probably wouldn't have gone way over budget (they teach you how to get a ton of free publicity); I would have saved myself a lot of time (they teach you strategies to get your words down on paper quickly and effectively to expedite the writing process); and I definitely would have learned from their strategies on how to generate additional sources of income.. 
So, if you are a professional, a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to increase your visibility (they teach you ways to get yourself on radio and TV); if you have ever thought about becoming an author; or if you know someone who keeps talking about that idea they have for a book, then the Publish A Book & Grow Rich Bootcamp is the event for you. 
The next upcoming 3-day event is taking place in Toronto, August 11-13, 2017
And you have to stay and attend all 3 days, because, while the first two days will be full of useful information about writing and the publishing industry, of course, they keep a lot of the good information about marketing, free publicity, and additional sources of income for the 3rd day.
Price-wise, there are 3 different levels of tickets/packages. For example, the Silver VIP ticket package is priced at $198 and includes, among others:
= a Home Study Course – Online Version ($2000 value)
= Money Back Guarantee – (by the end of the first day)
= Re-Attend for FREE – You will be able to attend another Publish A Book & Grow Rich Bootcamp anywhere in the world for FREE!
In comparison, the Bronze VIP tickets are $98. The Gold VIP tickets at $498 include a long list of benefits and bonuses. Check out all 3 ticket package details here.
With so many benefits, a big networking opportunity and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose? Not much. A whole lot of opportunities and strategies can be gained if you want to take advantage of them!
For excerpts from The Keys That Open, blogs, ebook and more, visit www.TheKeysThatOpen.com  



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