“The World Is A Business…And Apparently There Is No Money In Health”

By S.A. Abraham

Excerpt from Book: "The Keys That Open"

Big Business including Agribusiness, Food Corporations and Manufacturers, as well as large Chemical companies (pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers) and Biotech companies which produce GMOs (ex. Monsanto with over 90% market share), are primarily concerned with profit, and not with the health and nutrition of the global population that consume their products.

It is also naïve, in my opinion, to believe that Pharmaceutical companies primarily care about our health and well-being. They are, at their roots, sales companies, and their first priority is maximizing their profits.

As much as pharmaceutical offerings do help a lot of people, it does seem to be the case that most prescription medications come with a long list of side-effects which themselves could be serious enough to require their own set of prescription medications.

I strongly believe that the accumulation of all these different chemicals(from pesticides, artificial fertilizers, additives, antibiotics, growth hormones, prescription medications etc ) in the human body, cannot be good and that they do eventually affect the functioning of the liver, the kidneys and other organs which have to process and filter these chemicals.

In Censoredfor Curing Cancer: The American Experience of Dr. MAX GERSON,(original copyright 1962 and written by journalist S.J. Haught), Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959) declared

  •              “It is my conviction that no cancer can develop in a body with normal metabolism” (p.105).
  •             “A healthy body with a normal metabolism does not develop cancer but can even fight it off..”
  •            “Give nature an opportunity, and nature herself will heal...[One should] change the metabolism of the body so that the cancer dies of itself. The whole theory is erected on the basis that the chemistry of the body can be so altered as to eliminate disease” (p.34).

Dr. Gerson teaches us that the key benefits of healthy living are two-fold. A healthy body provides for dis-ease free and pain free living because it maintains the positive, normal functions of the human body.

At the same time, a healthy lifestyle provides the energy, nutrition, and resources needed to build up the body’s natural defences, the immune system.

Therefore, a healthy body with a strong, fortified immune system is able to eliminate its toxins and poisons; and this immune system along with the normal metabolism/functioning of the body, is able to sustain and reinstate the body chemistry necessary to maintain health.

Dr. Gerson goes on to teach us:

  •          “The liver plays the essential part. The liver is affected to the highest degree by the artificial, chemical food transformation, as it is the filter for the entire digestive apparatus…
  •           “Our nutrition starts with the soil. Man will be forever dependent on the iron laws of nature because the soil produces all his nutrition... When man disturbs the biological balance there, dire consequences fall on him…” (p.104)
  •            “…In addition to damage to the soil, the food is refined, canned, bottled, powdered, frozen, colour added, poisoned by chemical sprays, etc., until finally it becomes a mass of dead, unnatural, partly poisoned substances…”
  •           “A body fed in such a way loses the harmony and cooperation of the cells, finally its natural defences, immunity and healing power. Where there [was] no [civilization], there [was] no cancer (the Hunzas, Ethiopian people, etc.). Where civilization starts to change the nutrition, cancer develops” (p.104).


Treating and diagnosing localized symptoms, namely cancer growths, does not address the whole problem.

  •            “Orthodox medicine is treating these symptoms only. This is apparent by the ever-increasing percentage of recurrences after the growths are cut out. The real underlying cause is neglected” (p.105).


Dr. Gerson was a physician himself and realized that surgery and radiation/chemotherapy were sometimes necessary. However, he felt them to be too invasive and traumatic on the body, and advocated non-invasive methods.

Dr. Max Gerson appeared before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing in 1946 to explain his theories and to present the success of his diet therapy in numerous cases of cancer, some of which were in advanced stages.

And so, why isn’t Dr. Max Gerson a household name? Why have we not heard much about Dr. Gerson’s medical research and his success stories with his cancer patients?

Why is it that Dr. Max Gerson’s success stories and his medical research/testimonies gather dust on a shelf rather than being widely publicized by the mainstream media?

In 2009, in response to an interview question on the Healthy Planet, Healthy Me radio program, Howard Strauss, (who has been involved in furthering Dr. Gerson’s work for the last twenty years and is the grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) explained;


  •            “There is no money in health. The big pharmaceutical and medical companies, the doctors, the hospitals, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society - they make no money if we are in good robust health..
  •           “They only make money when we are sick and the sicker we are, the more pain we are in, the more money we are willing to pay them to try and recover, to get well, and to stop the pain..
  •           “If you watch the mainstream [media], if you watch NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and so forth, you would be amazed at how many pharmaceutical and [food processor] advertisers they have. It is wall-to-wall.
  •           “Well, it keeps the stations totally addicted to this advertising revenue, so that if they say anything about what we are talking about here, if the station runs a story like we are running here, the pharmaceutical companies will withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising revenue... So they do it literally to censor the information from getting out into the public.”   

In the same interview, Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute (www.gerson.org), and daughter of Dr. Max Gerson added;

  •          “[Despite the billions of dollars given to cancer research since 1972, no official cure has been found and more and more people die of cancer each year. What did these cancer research companies do with all this time and money?] ..”
  •          “Did they research food? Did they research nutrition? Did they research toxicity? No, they researched drugs, drugs, drugs, more drugs, heavier drugs, more poisonous drugs. And of course, they poisoned and damaged people more, so more people died. And it is now children; cancer is [becoming] the killer of children under 17.”   

What are your thoughts on all the information presented above?

Are we starting to see the puzzle pieces which make up the big picture with regards to Big Business, money & profit, filtered information & the media, as well as health & disease, solutions & cure?...

S.A. Abraham writes from a world perspective, having lived, studied and worked in 3 Continents. For the new book and Amazon Kindle ebook, The Keys That Open, visit: www.thekeysthatopen.com The Keys That Open - Meditations on The Creator & the Way to Inner Peace and Empowerment is the new Book with great appeal to those interested in Personal Growth, Human Behaviour, Health and Wellbeing, Spirituality, Faith -v- Religion, Eastern Philosophies and History as well as Current Affairs.



  • Ø Censored for Curing CancerThe American Experience of Dr. MAX GERSON by S.J. Haught. Original Copyright (London Press,1962) Copyright transferred to Gerson Institute in 1983


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