The 4 Hidden Dynasties - Methods of Global Social Control

By S.A. Abraham

Excerpt from Book "The Keys That Open"

Based on Dr. Arnold Murray’s teachings of the “4 Hidden Dynasties”, the 4 Arenas used as methods of global social control, and to keep the majority of people around the world confused, fearful, ignorant, and under the control of The Powers That Be (the elite) are:

        Politics: Power to rule and make Laws; power to engage in war; corruption, special interest lobby groups; the Military-Industrial Complex;

        Economy: Money, the fluctuations of the Currency, interest rates, inflation, and the world of High Finance (Stocks & Bonds);

        Education: Substandard curriculum; “the dumbing-down effect”; censoring of information/history. Also, “filtered” News, Media, Music and Entertainment;

       Organized Religion: Ideological and physical conflicts between sects and religions; and within Christianity, false teachings, scandals and corruption within the church hierarchy...

The information provided by those who have done years of in-depth research and by those who formerly functioned inside “the system”, informs us that all of these 4 Arenas, (and subsequently the sphere of influence held over the population of the world through them), have been further infiltrated by those with ulterior motives.

Within the various organizations and offices covered by the 4 Dynasties, these specifically selected and planted people function as “ear-pieces” (spies) and as channels of communication for the desired agendas and the propaganda of the puppet-masters who pull the strings.

Educated, selected and groomed for key positions within these 4 Horns, these “secret-agents” might also use gifts of money and property, promotion and/or bribery, scandals and blackmail to control and influence the powerful people around them.

For some, the concept of these 4 Hidden Dynasties/Arenas of global control and their various ways of functioning will be very difficult to entertain or to believe. For others, and particularly for people who understand the subtext and “the hidden hand” in world history and for those who have been following global current affairs, this discussion will come as no surprise.

The study of world history and current affairs reveals ‘the high-stakes game’ of global politics; the competition for global superpower status; the Military-Industrial Complex; wars; the spoils of war; the negative effects of “blowback”; and the work of spy agencies around the world.

Also clearly observed are the vast surveillance and intelligence gathering programs of spy/intelligence services on the domestic and international fronts; as well as the increasing erosion of individual civil rights and the human rights to privacy and personal autonomy.

Detailed information is becoming increasingly available on the widespread surveillance and monitoring of local populations and foreign countries, the growing power and influence of international corporations over government policy and regulations, as well as the development of highly advanced (military and other) weapons and technologies.

And of course, innovation, technology and human progress are worthwhile pursuits when they are used for the benefit of humankind as a whole. However, the question should be asked whether all of these innovative technologies are truly being developed for the benefit of the global population/‘the masses’. [Note: DARPA; HAARP]

Questions remain as to whether these classified (military) projects and the undisclosed experiments, the highly sophisticated and classified biological and chemical weapons, as well as the highly developed and advanced communication and surveillance techniques; are such which could easily be turned against the global population.

We need to ask ourselves, we need to ask our elected representatives, and we need full disclosure of relevant information from those who control, direct, and work with these advanced technologies.

Or, the ones with the ‘top secret’ files will try and keep them ‘classified’ and hidden from us; and we will continue to get the truth from those “within the system” who reveal and leak the real information to us. And more power to them, because the only effective way to completely dismantle the matrix is from the inside!

Sharing information and truth with our global human family is one of the greatest weapons at our disposal.

Our power is found in our numbers and in our collective awakening as the majority. The collective energy of the 99% has the ability to bring us to the necessary tipping point. Together we have the collective power to bring about a paradigm shift for the benefit of the majority. 

For the ultimate benefit of humanity!

        “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will be defeated in every battle. If you know yourself but are ignorant about the enemy, your chances of victory or defeat are equal. If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you will not be in danger, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” The Art of War by Sun Tzu (4th Century B.C.)


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