Riddle Me This…(Part 3)

By S.A. Abraham

Riddles... Can you think of the obvious and not so obvious answers for the following?

1)      In terms of size dimensions, how does an Elephant compare to a Blue Whale?

2)      Speaking of large animals, your pet dog, a Great Dane decides to take a nap on a small carpet/rug you want to clean. How do you get your carpet back with little effort and without disturbing the Great Dane?

3)      A group of doctors stand accused of injecting a vaccine into a patient who doesn’t survive the poison found in the injection. The only 3 words the patient was able to speak when asked who was responsible: “It was him”.  How do you identify the guilty doctor?

4)      You are with a group of people huddled under a building waiting for the heavy rain to stop. A car full of teenagers is driving by. Suddenly one of them decides to use a super-soaker to splash water all over you and the group.

But because he doesn’t want to show his face, he leans the super-soaker out of the car window before the car drives away. All you see is the colour of the sleeve he is wearing.

The traffic lights turn red and the teenagers are caught by your annoyed group. It turns out that everyone in the car is wearing the same coloured clothes. How do you find the one person in the car that used the super-soaker?



1)      According to Marine Biologists, an elephant is about the size of a Blue Whale’s tongue!

2)      How do you get the carpet back with little effort and without disturbing your pet? You wait for the Great Dane to wake up and walk away…

3)      “It was him”. You quickly identify the guilty man because the rest of the doctors are women.

4)      Everyone in the car is wearing the same coloured clothes. But the teenager who soaked you will be the only one with a wet arm and sleeve from the rain…

How many did you answer correctly? What might be other ways of solving these riddles?

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