How We Learn To Learn!

By S.A. Abraham

Have you ever had those vivid dreams where everything seemed so real and tangible that you were surprised to find yourself waking up?

Such dreams are sometimes so good that we are upset to be woken up before we finish them--while other vivid dreams are a relief to wake up and be free from! And we might find some dreams give us something to think about in instances where they might reflect current issues in our lives.

In many ways, life itself can be similar to these vivid dreams in that sometimes we will “wake up to” or discover something that materially, tangibly and completely changes the thoughts and perceptions we had just a short while ago.

In waking up to newly acquired information, truth or reality, we are also changing from one way of thinking, awareness and understanding, to another. This shift in perception, and therefore the adjustment in actions and choices, is essentially what it means to grow and change as a human being.

Unless, of course, we choose to stay in denial and don’t acknowledge, verify or adapt to the reality/truth of a situation when it is presented to us. I have heard it said that the truth is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways.

And so, sometimes the information we discover or the harsh realities we now have to face are unpleasant and “burst our bubble”, while other times we learn those things which open up opportunities, possibilities and which help us “get to that next level”.

Most of us have experienced that interesting phenomenon which takes place whenever we become aware of something new (to us). As soon as we learn of something that a lot of other people already seem to know about, suddenly we will find that, everywhere we go, we hear, see and notice that which we were blind to before.

This is of great advantage to us, of course, because it gives us the opportunity to make use of, or to avoid if necessary, what we are now aware of. Because sometimes, these will be literal objects and obstacles in the road; or false illusions and entrapping mazes in the world at large, which we never noticed before, even though we are surrounded by them.

How gratifying it is to discover keys that open great windows of possibility in our minds, and those keys which unlock huge doors of opportunity in our lives!

Like Russian nesting dolls, our expanding awareness will form new layers of knowledge and levels of understanding about specific subject matters and about the world at large,

which can be put to our advantage. As long as we are willing to seek and to be taught, a wonderful thing happens where our questions will be answered, and we will find what we seek.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock, and itshall be opened unto you: For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks, finds; and to him that knocks, it shall be opened.” (Matthew ch. 7)

Knowledge, I have found, likes to travel with a full entourage. Most subject matters are connected and interrelated to other fields of knowledge, and on many different levels.

Therefore, one piece of information always seems to lead to another, and that to a library of references, which itself opens the way to another subject matter, and so on, to even more information, knowledge and wisdom. That’s if one is willing, eager to learn, and also to apply, of course.     


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