Who should solve your health problems?

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In The Keys That Open, S.A. Abraham quotes from The Poisons in Your Food that; “Health is not made in hospitals; a hospital is where one goes when health has broken down.” 

This made me think of a family member of mine, who is a borderline hypochondriac. The minute anything happens, they want to be rushed to the hospital fearing that they may be near death. What I can never understand is why this person has so much faith that once they arrive at the hospital or see a doctor, they will be cured. 

In this excerpt from A Healthy Self, there is a strong exploration of the varying factors that impact our standard of health. One of the points S.A. Abraham brings up is how the;

  • “Big Food Corporations and food manufacturers, in order to boost production and to maximize their profits, increasingly make use of any of an estimated 14,000 laboratory-made additives to make our food appear fresher (operative word: appear), more attractive (through artificial flavourings and artificial colour), or to prolong the shelf life of their products.”

Granted, some of the products sold are marketed as promoting longevity and with intended health benefits. However, as a society do we trust and rely on our healthcare system, the government and food production companies more than we should?

I think the answer is yes, and as a result it is my opinion that we are becoming more and more dependent on the medical system, government, hospitals, doctors and the pharmaceutical companies to solve our health problems and to deliver us in time of sickness.

But are these various groups, agencies and organizations really all on our side?  Abraham warns,

  • “We should also be aware and keep in mind that government bureaus, consumer safety agencies and regulatory bodies have become increasingly susceptible to the influence of Big Money interest groups, lobbyists, bribery and corruption”.

Overall, I respect the work of those in the medical field, as it takes a high level of education, skill, and to a certain degree, heart. But do these individuals have the answers to our health problems?

I think the answer is no.  We are in control of our health, our doctors’ will recommend solutions and options, but ultimately, we are the ones who must make critical decisions when it comes to our own health.

Personally, I’ve never conformed to the idea of leaving someone else responsible for my health. 

During my last doctor’s visit, my physician unintentionally confirmed my point when she casually said to me something to the extent of, “I can’t help you, unless you help yourself, we need to work together.” 

Eureka!  I thought, this is what everyone needs to hear - your doctor is your ally not your savior. Health professionals should not be regarded as the people waiting to save you regardless of how you choose to conduct your life. They are not your ‘get out of jail free’ card.

My worry is that society seems less concerned about what is actually making us sick. We seem less willing to put in the required work and attention into what we eat, and to apply the discipline it takes to ensure proper preventative care such as exercise, balanced nutrition, organic foods, and reduced stress to avoid health risks.  

We can’t expect to consistently make poor choices when it comes to our health, and then rely on new medical technology or drug cures to save our behinds in the end, and then still be surprised when the consequences are severe. 

We also can’t expect our doctors to have all the answers or to solve all our health problems.  The doctor should be the person we go to in order to get help in supporting the healthy lifestyle choices and actions we are taking daily.

In her writing S.A. Abraham reinforces this point stating;

  • “It is up to us as individuals to educate ourselves on the relevant issues, and to make as much as possible, well-informed and healthier choices in our buying and consumption habits.”

Abraham also provides several great alternative health options and tips on how to achieve a healthier self.  To read the full excerpt and others from her new book, The Keys That Open - Meditations on The Creator & the Way to Inner Peace and Empowerment, visit www.thekeysthatopen.com.

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