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A Healthy Self: Part 2:


In the modern and technologically advanced times we live in, it seems increasingly important that we try to live, as much as possible, by Dr Max Gerson’s (see below) wise words;

“Stay close to nature, and its eternal laws will protect you”.

In our efforts towards a healthier lifestyle, balanced nutrition, regular exercise and avoiding or limiting our consumption of man-made chemicals, is highly recommended.

The task of avoiding or limiting our consumption of man-made chemicals can be very challenging, however, since many of our food sources and supplies have become contaminated with many different types of chemicals.

“The major sources of poison in our daily diet are the chemicals that are used in growing foods. [The] primary job of pesticides is to kill bugs that attack farm crops and farm animals”. Unfortunately;

 “At the same time man is poisoning his insect enemies, he also is poisoning himself…” The Poisons in Your Food (p.55)

Furthermore, the main problem with all pesticides, and most of the man-made chemicals and industrial waste that end up in our air, water, and soil, (other than their toxic effect on the organic material of the human body), is that they disrupt the balance of nature.

The biological balance of nature, and all living beings, is maintained by a system of interrelated checks and balances which exist in harmony. This balance of nature and harmony in the global eco-system sustains life as we know it on Planet Earth.

Seasons (the 4 seasons, rainy/dry seasons) replace each other and replenish the earth; different kinds of flowers, fruits, plants and crops grow and produce according to their times and seasons; different species of animals and insects prey on others, and various forms of life have natural predators.

When chemical poisons, toxic pollutants in air and water, and when other man-made methods such as forest-clearing and poaching (for animal parts, fur etc), kill, poison and eliminate large numbers of various species of animals, plants, trees and insects, the eco-system and the harmony and balance of nature becomes disrupted. (p.87-88)

And in terms of pesticides, these chemical toxins, (with their continued use year after year, and decade after decade), accumulate in the soil, they build up in our atmosphere, and they leach into our lakes, rivers and seas, contaminating our water sources and poisoning the fish and other sea-life.

Keep in mind that these pesticides and other chemical substances are absorbed into and/or remain on the surface of the fruits, vegetables and grains sold at market, (a lot of these chemicals are not removed, even after washing).

And because their feed contains these chemicals, they are absorbed into the meat and the fat of the animals and the animal products that end up on the dinner table.

An example of this are non-organic potatoes. Non-organic potatoes are treated with fungicides while growing, then sprayed with herbicides, and treated again with herbicides after they are dug-up, to prevent sprouting (to begin to grow buds or shoots).

A member/chair of the [U.S] National Organic Standards Board, says; “Try this experiment: Buy a conventional potato in a store, and try to get it to sprout. It won't."

He continues; "I've talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals." 

In addition, growth hormones are given to dairy cattle to boost milk production; while growth hormones, antibiotics, and tranquilizers (before shipping to market), are widely used in agriculture today.

Dairy and beef cattle, pigs, chickens and lambs are given antibiotics in order to increase their weight, to boost production, to treat and prevent disease, and also as a preservative. 

At the same time, Big Food Corporations and food manufacturers, in order to boost production and to maximise their profits, increasingly make use of any of an estimated 14,000 laboratory-made additives to make our food appear fresher (operative word: appear), more attractive (through artificial flavourings and artificial colour), or to prolong the shelf life of their products.

What is likely to happen to a person’s health after the daily consumption, for many numbers of years, of the chemical substances that are absorbed into and/or remain on the surface of non-organic fruits and vegetables, as well as animal and dairy products?

It seems common-sense, obvious and inevitable, in my opinion, that the cumulative effect of the build up of all these artificial and toxic chemicals in the human body would cause: abnormal changes in the cells; abnormal changes in the hormones and the blood; and interfere with the healthy and normal functioning of the organs, tissues and the hormones of the human body.

These are likely to result in diseases, chronic conditions, various cancers, as well as disruptions in mental functions and early aging.

Instead of getting back to basics, returning to organic farming/growing methods and instead of restoring the balance of nature that is essential for our wellbeing, the general response to these important issues (by those in positions of power, production, regulation and government), has not been one that shows immediate and real concern for the health and welfare of the consuming public.

In other words, those with the power and authority to do so did not suspend (in the 1950s and 1960s), and they still, (in the present 2000s) have not suspended the widespread use of these thousands of chemicals until their effects can be conclusively studied and verified by independent third parties.

But ‘the show must go on’ and vast profits must be had, so instead, they continue the same unhealthy food growing practices which translate to bigger and bigger profits for large food manufacturers.

And what happens when people become sick? They require treatment, return visits to clinics and hospitals and they can require one course or many years of prescription medication. And in the course of these treatments, tests and procedures, they are prescribed more and more medications.

Unfortunately, this results in even more complex chemicals being ingested and processed by the human body. And because of the ever increasing numbers of the population suffering from sickness, disease and dysfunction, more and more operations and medical procedures are performed, and more and more hospitals are built.

“The basic problem is that we do not think in terms of [real] health. We talk health and think sickness. [We] boast of the number of hospitals and doctors [we have] as a measure of our health. We have forgotten that health is not made in hospitals; a hospital is where one goes when health has broken down…”

This statement which was originally expressed back in 1960 rings more true today.

The author continues in The Poisons in Your Food that;

“We no longer believe that health is a natural way of life and that disease and sickness are abnormal. We take bad health so much for granted that hospital and medical-insurance plans are provided for in the family budget like food and clothing…” (p.41)

And so, the statistics show a steady and massive increase in the vast millions of the global population, (male and female, the young and the old), that suffer from a seemingly endless list of ailments, illnesses, chronic conditions and diseases. 

As these numbers increase year after year, so also has the manufacture, promotion, advertisement, and the sale of a vast array of heavy doses of more complex chemicals in the form of prescription medications and over the counter products.

It is, therefore, up to us as individuals to educate ourselves on the relevant issues, and to make as much as possible, well-informed and healthier choices in our buying and consumption habits.

We should also be aware and keep in mind that government bureaus, consumer safety agencies and regulatory bodies have become increasingly susceptible to the influence of Big Money interest groups, lobbyists, bribery and corruption.

We have also observed that these government agencies and regulatory organisations are likely to be staffed by former executives of the very corporations and industries they are supposed to regulate and control.

And so, based on the above information and more, I feel it is naïve to believe that pharmaceutical companies primarily and actually care about our health and well-being. They are, at their roots, sales companies, and their first priority is maximizing their profits.

As much as pharmaceutical offerings do help a lot of people, it does seem to be the case that most prescription medications come with a long list of side-effects which themselves could be serious enough to require their own set of prescription medications.

I strongly believe the accumulation of all of these different chemicals in the body cannot be good and that they do eventually affect the functioning of the liver, the kidneys and other organs which have to process and filter these chemicals.

Based on this analysis, the influence of pharmaceutical lobbying groups, and the increasing billions of dollars of profits posted by these companies every year, would it be an exaggeration to state that if you do not get and stay sick, it would mean the death of their cash cow?

In other words, to a pharmaceutical company or any organization that makes much profit and money from people’s sickness, misfortune or from accidents, a healthy person is not profitable!

One man who did believe a healthy person to be profitable was Dr. Max Gerson.   Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959) was a medical doctor and a researcher who studied and worked with leading specialists in internal medicine, bacteriology, physiological chemistry, neurology and nutrition. His passion lay in the nutritional treatment of cancer.

Even back in the 1950s, based on decades of research and the treatment of patients, Dr. Gerson shared with us his research results that a healthy body with a strong immune system is better able to eliminate its toxins and poisons. A healthy body sustains and reinstates the body chemistry necessary for optimal health.

The following is a major portion of health awareness from the work and research of Dr. Max Gerson. This information has been very important to me, and perhaps it will be to all of us.

Please keep in mind, as you read the following section, that the key issue here isn’t to “sell” the Gerson Therapy to the reader. It is to present two relevant pieces of information.

First, that there are alternative solutions and therapies available to the problem of cancer. Dr. Gerson, of course, was a physician himself and realized that surgery and radiation/chemotherapy were sometimes necessary. However, he felt them to be too invasive and traumatic on the body, and advocated non-invasive methods.

Second, the purpose of this information is to emphasize the advice and the conclusions of Dr. Gerson, which mirrors the thousands-year-old systems of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and remedies, as well as other methods of non-invasive healing.

In actual terms, what this means is that staying as close to nature/natural products as possible is extremely beneficial to our health. The right herbs, plants and flowers, different roots, nuts and spices, as well as good nutrition, physical activity and meditative practices, not only sustain our health, but they can also help us heal. …

In Censored for Curing Cancer: The American Experience of Dr. MAX GERSON, (original copyright 1962 and written by journalist S.J. Haught), Dr. Max Gerson declares:

 “It is my conviction that no cancer can develop in a body with normal metabolism”(p.105).

“A healthy body with a normal metabolism does not develop cancer but can even fight it off. “Give nature an opportunity, and nature herself will heal...[One should] change the metabolism of the body so that the cancer dies of itself. The whole theory is erected on the basis that the chemistry of the body can be so altered as to eliminate disease” (p.34).

Dr. Gerson teaches us that the key benefits of healthy living are two-fold. A healthy body provides for dis-ease and pain-free living because it maintains the positive, normal functions of the human body. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle provides the energy, nutrition, and resources needed to build up the body’s natural defences, the immune system.

A healthy body with a strong, fortified immune system is able to eliminate its toxins and poisons; and this immune system along with the normal metabolism/functioning of the body, is able to sustain and reinstate the body chemistry necessary to maintain health.


Dr. Gerson continues to remind us:

“Our nutrition starts with the soil. Man will be forever dependent on the iron laws of nature because the soil produces all his nutrition... When man disturbs the biological balance there, dire consequences fall on him... When civilization came and polished [a staple food like rice] to look white and prettier, important minerals and vitamins were removed [the same process as that of white bread.]…” (p.104)

 “…In addition to damage to the soil, the food is refined, canned, bottled, powdered, frozen, colour added, poisoned by chemical sprays, etc., until finally it becomes a mass of dead, unnatural, partly poisoned substances…”

 “A body fed in such a way loses the harmony and cooperation of the cells, finally its natural defences, immunity and healing power. Where there [was] no [civilization], there [was] no cancer (the Hunzas, Ethiopian people, etc.). Where civilization starts to change the nutrition, cancer develops” (p.104).

Treating and diagnosing localized symptoms, namely cancer growths, does not address the whole problem.

“Orthodox medicine is treating these symptoms only. This is apparent by the ever-increasing percentage of recurrences after the growths are cut out. The real underlying cause is neglected” (p.105).



Dr. Max Gerson appeared before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing in 1946 to explain his theories and to present the success of his diet therapy in numerous cases of cancer, some of which were in advanced stages.

And so, why is it that nothing had been done since 1946 to support Dr. Max Gerson’s work? Why had it not been considered “worthy of investigation and of further research”?

Why is it that his success stories and his medical research/testimonies gather dust on a shelf rather than being widely publicized by the mainstream media?

In 2009, in response to an interview question on the Healthy Planet, Healthy Me radio program, Howard Strauss, (who has been involved in furthering Dr. Gerson’s work for the last twenty years and is the grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) explained,

 There is no money in health. The big pharmaceutical and medical companies, the doctors, the hospitals, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society - they make no money if we are in good robust health..


 “If you watch the mainstream [media], if you watch NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and so forth, you would be amazed at how many pharmaceutical and [food processor] advertisers they have. It is wall-to-wall.

 "Well, it keeps the stations totally addicted to this advertising revenue, so that if they say anything about what we are talking about here, if the station runs a story like we are running here, the pharmaceutical companies will withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising revenue... So they do it literally to censor the information from getting out into the public.”   

 In the same interview, Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute, and daughter of Dr. Max Gerson added;

“[Despite the billions of dollars given to cancer research since 1972, no official cure has been found and more and more people die of cancer each year. What did these cancer research companies do with all this time and money?] ..”

 “Did they research food? Did they research nutrition? Did they research toxicity? No, they researched drugs, drugs, drugs, more drugs, heavier drugs, more poisonous drugs. And of course, they poisoned and damaged people more, so more people died. And it is now children, cancer is [becoming] the killer of children under 17.”  



As far as is possible, prevention is always better than cure. And so, we always benefit when we learn to appreciate the wisdom and the healing properties of nature. It is also up to us to incorporate a balanced nutrition, exercise, rest and calmness into our routine for our own health and wellbeing.

You may find it rewarding to explore and research various natural and/or alternative healing methods, some of which have been practiced from ancient times, for specific diseases and ailments.

These approaches can also be used for increased circulation, vitality and energy; to fight the signs of aging and to provide rejuvenation; for preventive measures, and for the maintenance of general good health and wellbeing.





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