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S.A. Abraham writes from a world perspective.  Born in Africa (Ethiopia). Educated in England. LL.B in Law(Bachelor’s Degree) from Brunel University, London, UK. (2-year) Advanced Level courses in Psychology, History, Mathematics, English Literature. Read more...



The Keys That Open presents possible solutions to real-life situations

“Judge Not, Lest You Be Judged” – Jesus Christ

By S.A. Abraham

“…If you believe others when they tell you that your Creator rejects you for what you were born with, you might find yourself going to extremes of behaviour that will bring you much harm… You might also be very easy prey to the vultures who have tried throughout history to exploit, control, and destroy those whose potential they fear…”

Many times when the subject of Jesus Christ or The Creator God is discussed, the following questions are bound to be asked: But what about people born and raised in different religions and belief systems? What about people in remote parts of the world who don’t know anything about the Holy Bible and Christ? Are they condemned and beyond salvation?”

And these are in fact very good questions and topics to be considered by those who seek to truly understand their Creator Father and the Holy Scriptures.

Actually, that is the wonderful thing about our Heavenly Father. He knows what cultures people grow up in. He knows which countries and peoples of the world have little or no access to His Word and no real opportunity to know about Jesus Christ.

But He also knows the actions, beliefs, morals, and value systems of all people in all time in all locations—and the human conscience is something built into all of us by our Creator.

The truth is that the Creator God is likely to hold more accountable those who classify themselves as believers than He is those who follow other traditions and value systems. Why? Because we believers say that we are instructed by God and by the Living Word. And since we are supposed to know better, we should do better!

The Creator God will question believers who are quick to condemn others, while they themselves know, understand, and practice very little about the Word of God. Your Heavenly Father knows who is genuine in their dealings and who isn’t.

He also knows who has access to the Word of God but chooses not to be guided by it.

He knows the education and the intelligence levels of all humans, no matter where they exist in the world. He knows the environments, the difficulties, and the obstacles each person faces.

He isn’t concerned with how good-looking a person is, how much they weigh, or how fashionable they are, what political office one holds, or how rich or famous a person is in this material world.

Our Creator doesn’t evaluate things the way we do (thank goodness!).

He doesn’t treat you unfairly based on the things you were born with, such as your race, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic standing. The commandments, the laws and all the instructions relate, not to our genetic make-up, but they concern our choices: our actions, words and behaviours.

In other words, we will not be judged by the situations and the conditions which are outside of our control and influence; while context and all sides of the equation are taken into consideration. 

Our Heavenly Father knows who is trying to do their best with what they have. Our Maker understands human limitations as well as the desires and weaknesses of the flesh. The information and knowledge, as well as the intention and the free will from which humans act and make their choices are laid open in His sight.

He’s also painfully aware of those who know better, but do not care to do the right thing, even when it is in their power to do so.

I believe that while you might not be able to control your thoughts or your feelings sometimes, you can almost always control your actions, and your Maker expects you to do so.

If you believe others when they tell you that your Creator rejects you for what you were born with, you might find yourself going to extremes of behaviour that will bring you much harm.

You might also be very easy prey to the vultures who have tried throughout history to exploit, control, and destroy those whose potential they fear.

They tried for thousands of years to brainwash and convince women that their Creator didn’t value them; they tried for many hundreds of years to brainwash and ‘to teach’ ethnic and non-Caucasian people that they were incapable of solidarity, civilization, innovation, and accomplishment.

They have been and are now trying to push gay people to all extremes of thought and behaviour and encourage them to “do as thou wilt” and to “burn out like shooting stars” by telling them that their Heavenly Father does not care about them as His children.

As one of my friends, who happens to be a gay man who grew up in a Christian community in the West Indies, so wisely taught me: It is best not to pay attention to those who will tell a person (whose life stories they know nothing about) that God will surely condemn you based on their own judgements of you.

Once again, the lesson for all of us is that it is better to concentrate on our personal relationship with our Creator Father.

It touched my heart when he told me; “I know people always say that God hates gay people, but Father has always been good to me. He has brought me to this point and I know He has plans for me. All I keep saying to Him is, “Thy Will be done!’” And all I could say to my friend was, “Amen!”

To any person with extreme views on these various social “hot-button” topics, I would ask: Why is it then that The Ten Commandments, as written by the Hand of God, and directly carved into Moses’ stone tablets, doesn’t mention these three classes of people?

And what about the part where we are supposed to focus on our own journey because as Jesus Christ teaches us: “Judge not, lest you be judged?”


S.A. Abraham writes from a world perspective, having lived, studied and worked in 3 Continents. For the new book and ebookThe Keys That Open: Meditations on The Creator and the Way to Inner Peace and Empowerment,

Interested in Human Behaviour, Psychology, Health and Wellness, the Holy Scriptures and Spirituality, as well as Eastern Philosophies, History and Current Affairs. 


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July 11, 2014 @11:57 am by — Marc Saint-Ange

Hi Mr Abraham! This read has the power to change hearts, attitudes and assumptions. I thought it profound. It's a blog that should be read over and over. Email me, let me know What motivated you to write this blog and when the next one will come out and I’ll help you to spread the word to my twitter followers. Marc

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