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S.A. Abraham writes from a world perspective.  Born in Africa (Ethiopia). Educated in England. LL.B in Law(Bachelor’s Degree) from Brunel University, London, UK. (2-year) Advanced Level courses in Psychology, History, Mathematics, English Literature. Read more...



The Keys That Open presents possible solutions to real-life situations

"GetResponse" Email Marketing Service- Review & Overview

Email marketing is a direct marketing method that uses email to communicate its promotions, messages, and products to an audience. 

Email marketing is used daily by thousands of businesses of all sizes around the world and is seen by many businesses as a vital marketing tool.

When done right, email marketing can be low-cost and allows entrepreneurs as well as small and large-scale businesses to reach the right audience or customer base, with the right product or promotion, at the right time

If you are in a business which can benefit from email marketing in order to attract new customers and to  keep your existing customer-base coming back, you might want to check out the various features offered by some of the best companies which provide email marketing services.

Some of the best email marketing service providers include GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact and more...

Today's Overview: GetResponse

First Great Selling Point?  GetResponse has a 30-day FREE Trial period!

During your 30 day free trial period, you should try the Landing Page Creator for your marketing. Many of the templates provided will have indications if they have been shown to have high conversion rates. This allows you to build your email list of future prospects for your promotions and products. 

You can use the different features offered, benefit from an abundance of FREE Training tools and more and after 30-days, you can choose to upgrade to the paid version which is currently $15 per month. This allows you to create unlimited landing pages and includes features like free hosting, A/B testing and more..

Below: Introduction Video to GetResponse.  CLICK HERE TO ENJOY YOUR 30-DAY FREE TRIAL! 



Upcoming Post/Product Overview: Aweber

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